Why pay more for the same surgery?


At Piña Surgery Center we want to inform our community that surgical services performed at traditional healthcare systems are now being perform at privately own surgical ambulatory centers with the same quality and outcomes compared to traditional healthcare systems, creating a cost savings to the patients. Surgeons in the Houston area are now operating at their own surgical facilities on patients that requiere surgical interventions, but their patients are paying a reasonable price in other to avoid unnecessary traditional high healthcare cost.

There are many patients out in the community that don't have health insurance or don't have coverage for certain surgical procedures.

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Same surgery, lowest cost

We are dedicated to bringing our patients excellent care at affordable price.

Dr. Piña performs his surgical procedures at various facilities including his very own AAAHC accredites facility registered as Sugicenter for Advanced Surgery, Inc.

We offer a variety of payment options plans for our patients. We also have the ability to offer our patients cash plans which includes the surgeon's fees, anesthesiologist fees, surgical suite fees and preoperative laboratory work at a great savings compared to the traditional healthcare system.


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